Halfway Through My First Complaint-Free Day

I don’t get much credit for being halfway through the first day of the year without complaining.  We spent the night in a bed & breakfast in Parkville.  I awakened to the gentle cry of a train’s whistle and twinkling Christmas lights from the sitting room outside our bedroom.  I slipped out and made coffee, strains of classical music filling the air, from an iHome strategically placed by the Inn’s proprietor.  The closest I came to “complaining” was a quiet comment that I had not expected the restaurant where we ate on NYE to have a special (a word which here means ‘higher priced’) menu when I planned this surprise evening for my husband’s Christmas present.  But I didn’t disparage the restaurant; I just remarked.  However, echoes of one of my favorite phrases rang in my head: “I’m not complaining, I’m just explaining.”  Maybe?  Maybe not.

Ah.  Challenges!  My other NY resolution (besides relinquishing all complaint) is to lose six pounds by March 1.  Suddenly, that seems easier!


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