MYWOC Refresh! By The Missouri Mugwump(tm)

Dear friends, this blog has been undergoing a transformation, mostly an internal one on my part.  Let me explain.

I started this blog in January of 2014 with an avowal to emulate my recently deceased mother-in-law, Joanna MacLaughlin.  At her funeral, the Episcopal priest remarked on her uncomplaining spirit.  I wanted to be like her.  I resolved to traverse an entire calendar year without articulating a single word of complaint.  I started this blog to hold myself accountable.

I did not accomplish my goal.

In the process, I have evolved so much.  I have changed my goal to the pursuit of a joyful life.  Such a life in its purest form would not include complaint, but my human limitations prevent that exulted state.  So I keep striving to minimize my articulation of disappointment.

When this blog started, I made daily entries.  Those have dwindled to twice a month or so, mostly due to the plethora of demands on my time.  But now I intend to renew my documentation of the joyful encounters in my life.  I hope you will following along with me as I try to open my eyes to everything the world offers for my delight.  I also want to help others strive for contentment and peace, so I will be undertaking efforts to actively and intentionally include people in my quest.

Thank you for reading all these years — your presence in the cosmos of our virtual co-existence means more to me than you can say.  Watch this page, and the posts here, for more news of my evolution and please feel free to comment or email about your own #journeytojoy.

It’s the twenty-eighth day of the one-hundred and twenty-sixth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

Mugwumpishly tendered,

(Mary) Corinne (Teresa) Corley,

a/k/a The Missouri Mugwump(tm)

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