Some legal stuff; and a dedication

This is  a blog about a personal journey.  It does not seek to draw new clients to my law firm, or even to advertise my legal services.  In an abundance of caution, however, I would like to say that the choice of an attorney is an important decision which should not be made solely on the basis of advertising.  However, should you have any interest in reading about my law firm, you certainly may do so at my law firm’s website, a link to which appears in the heading of this blog.

Additionally, all writing on this blog is copyrighted.  Copyrights held by myself, M. Corinne Corley, c. 2013 and 2014.  No materials on this blog may be reprinted without permission or attribution.  Your conscience will haunt you forever if you do.  If I find out about it, I might cast a few baleful looks in your direction, talk bad about you at coffee on Saturdays, and/or file something to ask a judge to similarly respond.  If you reprint for purposes of encouraging people to live complaint-free and attribute what you reprint to me, with or without advance permission, it’s likely that I will beam fondly in your direction and wish you well.

Some of the things that I discuss in this blog depict actual events.  In some instances, I omit names, genders, and other identifying features to protect people who might not want to be known associates of mine or who behaved rather fearsomely and should be protected from having people know that they were the one!  In some cases, I salute people openly, loudly, and by first and last name so that credit can be levied where credit is fiercely due.  No harm is intended to anyone.  Much good is, however.  Any opinion given in this blog is held by me unless quoted with attribution.

Finally, this blog is dedicated to the memory of Joanna Mitchell MacLaughlin, beloved wife of Jabez MacLaughlin, adored mother of James MacLaughlin and Virginia MacLaughlin McCoskrie, mother-in-law of Whit McCoskrie and your author, grandmother of Cara, Mac, Brian and Robbie; sister of Jeanne, Patt, and Leni.  Beloved aunt of many.  She was a strong but quiet woman, who took joy in gardening, helping people of our community who needed wide-scale help, little sweet dogs, and her family, especially her beloved Jay.  The four years during which I was privileged to know Joanna enriched my life immeasurably.  I loved her.  I miss her.  Daily, I strive to honor her memory, as I do the memory of another mother  and gardener, whom I loved and from whom I learned, my own mother, Lucille Johanna Lyons Corley.  Perhaps they’ve found each other, in some heavenly garden, where the soil is rich and the flowers always bloom.

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