My Last Day

Interestingly, I’m finding myself less and less tempted to complain. I feel a sort of joyfulness floating within me.  I feel a bit like Pollyanna, or Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms, or a person who’s decided to give up smoking and doesn’t yet know how bad it will be.

Let’s see how long the euphoria lasts!  Yesterday, I filed a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner and got a response from the relevant insurance company within ten minutes via e-mail from the IC to them to me.  It felt sort of victorious; but my second thought was, “Hey, do official complaints count?  What about complaints on behalf of clients?”  I’ve decided that official complaints on behalf of clients do not count.  As for official complaints on behalf of myself, I will have to see what legal interests will be forfeit if I don’t file them.

My principal goal is to eliminate complaints in interpersonal relationships.  As for the rest, we’ll see!

Happy New Year!!!!

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