Can’t Complain About That

The day ends with a cup of passion fruit tea, hot, spontaneously brought upstairs by my son who has heard me coughing.  How can anyone complain when such loving moments exist?

The closest I’ve come to a complaint today occurred when the Bed & Breakfast owner asked me how our room had been.  I shared how lovely I found the mix of old and new, the comfort of the bed, and the coffee outside in the little sitting area.  But I mentioned that, although the room smelled lovely, I had a bit of breathing trouble due to my asthma.  But, I hastened to add, “I’m not complaining, the fragrance was nice”.  I told her that when we stayed again, we’d ask to have no room fragrance.  She smiled and her husband said, “When we decided to have a B&B, we wanted our home to meet three criteria:  Smell good, sound good, and look good.”  I assured him that they scored on all three notes.  We parted without any uncomfortable feelings, even though I had mentioned that our bedroom was haunted!

So day one nears its end, and I feel that I’ve succeeded.  One down, 364 to go.

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