Salve for the soul

A certain mood comes over me at times.   I can’t overcome the grip of feeling that I have failed at some indefinable test.  My resume landed on the desk of the Director of HR for the universe and failed to impress.  I scraped through the interview only to find my credentials fell short of requirements.  The reins fell from my grasp and the steer ran wild.

At such times, I take myself across the last sixty miles of land to the Bay and over the coastal range to Pacifica, or Pescadero, or Half Moon Bay.  I  splurge on a room or the wing of someone’s house listed on AirBnB with pandemic cleaning measures and a private entrance.  I throw my bag on the floor, my computer on the desk, and my small clutch of groceries into the refrigerator.  Taking my little Canon in hand, I wander, stopping at roadside parks or lay-bys to stare at the endless stretch of sea.

My problems do not get solved, but a certain light shines into the gloomiest corner of my spirit.  When the weekend finally draws to a close, I gather my belongings and head back to the Delta.  I will be all right for another month, until my soul longs to hear the soothing song of my Pacific once more.

It’s the twenty-sixth day of the one-hundredth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

Please enjoy this gallery of photos taken in or near Pacifica, California on  23 – 25 April 2022.

3 thoughts on “Salve for the soul

  1. Phil

    What is with the padlocks on the railing wire? Are the fishermen locking their poles to the protective fence?

    1. ccorleyjd365 Post author

      Phil, I’m surprised you’re unaware of this custom. People put locks on fences world over, to symbolize their enduring love for each other. I do not know the origins of this custom. I always wanted someone to feel that way about me but apparently no one has. A woman can dream, though. I am told that at times, dreams come true.


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