Last year, my son and I took BART to San Francisco on Christmas Eve.  Though we found it radically different than its normal bustling state, we enjoyed our walk through the nearly vacant downtown. We gazed the height of buildings that he wanted to see.  We found an open Thai restaurant.  But we did not get to view the city from atop the Coit Tower, which closed early for the holiday.

This year, we repeated our BART trip.  We ate Chinese just off Union Square.  We took a LYFT to the Tower and got our tickets.  We stood in line for half an hour, then assured the staff attendant that I could traverse the two winding flights of stone stairs for the last leg of the journey.  We made it to the top, only a year late.  It certainly did not disappoint.

My son takes me to the best places. 

#christmastraditionsreinvented  #mytinylife #lovingwhattheuniverseprovides

It’s the twenty-third day of the sixtieth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

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