When you’re feeling blue, find someone’s child and watch them play.

That does it for me.  So, yesterday, I sought out my friend Paula, who has two grandsons.  This had the triple-play effect.  I got a shot of Paula’s love and her  pure, unbridled joy for life.  I watched her two grandsons climbing in the playroom at Matt Ross Community Center.  Several hours passed in this way, that might otherwise have been steeped in melancholy.  And as a bonus, her four-year-old grandson Chaska persuaded “Auntie Corinne” to come to Whole Foods with them, as a consequence of which, I finished my week’s grocery shopping with healthy foods.

What better antidote when this lady sings the blues?  None.  Thank you, Paula Kenyon-Vogt!  I am in your debt once more, and happily so.

20140726_175831 20140726_182224

2 thoughts on “Antidotes

  1. Cindy Cieplik

    Cool–I get my fix of joy today with the Prince! The heart lightens around this unbridled energy and fun!


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