Top Ten Reasons to (Maybe) Break A Rib

And here at last folks, are the TOP TEN REASONS to (maybe) break a rib — or, “Corinne Corley’s Silver Lining Playbook”:

10.  It makes for a good story, combined with other, similar incidents and a good turn of phrase.

9.  Suddenly, housework seems superfluous.

8.  It’s okay to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon because, Hey, my rib might be broken, I’m resting!

7.  You have a plausible explanation for limping which people inexplicably believe and find less off-putting.

6.  Motivation to lose five pounds rises and smacks you in the — uh, ribcage.

5.  Pajamas.  Need I elaborate?

4.  Empathetic glances abound.

3.  People come out of the woodwork to say nice things about you.

2.  A lady named Cynthia at Trader Joe’s carries out your stuff and improvises handles in a carton with a really cool box cutter.

AND THE NUMBER ONE REASON TO (MAYBE) BREAK A RIB —– (drum roll, please…..)

1.  In a race to see who gets to pay for lunch at Chai Shai, Brian Aldridge won!!!!


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