This morning; this place

Genevieve told us that the clouds had been lovely yesterday and no doubt would again be lovely today.

Driving to Liberty this morning, I pulled my eyes from traffic long enough to cast a glance out the eastern window.  I had to agree that the sky looked particularly breathtaking, with the steely grey of the imminent storm underlit by the rising sun.

As I headed northward, then cut over I-35 towards the east again, the rain peppered my windshield.  At the stoplight for Highway 152, I chanced a snap with my cell phone. I knew that I could not do justice to these clouds but I had to document what I saw, however feebly, however ignobly.

To Genevieve:  Thank you for lifting my eyes this morning; thank you for clearing a veil that cloaks my vision.  Though my glance proved fleeting, and lacked your reverence — nonetheless, I did see; and because of your inspiration, I found today’s moment of joy. Here, now, this morning, in this place.


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