The epitome of privilege

I spent a luxurious three hours in town today, drinking wine and eating small bites of fruit and crackers from a china plate.  No war waged around me.  The cost of the fare made no difference to my budget.  My phone never rang with demanding creditors or devastating news.  No one arrested me.  I spoke my piece on whatever subject came to hand with no social or political repercussions. 

When I returned to my home, I stood beneath the stars photographing the moon.  I left the door open without thinking about the flow of warmth trickling outside.  I moved the car backwards and parked in the middle of the road so I could get a better shot without standing.  When I had finished, I went inside and chatted on the phone to one friend while scrolling through messages from my siblings.  Soon I will sleep, rise at will, grind fresh coffee beans, and boil bottled water for my morning brew. 

Evenings like these remind me how privileged I am, to live in peace,  to have ample food and adequate shelter, and to make a decent living in exchange for my efforts.  Whatever trials or tribulations I might lament, on balance my days pass with little conflict and with comfort beyond the reach of millions of people on this small planet.  I have never felt this so keenly as I did this evening, standing in my warm clothes, secure in the fullness of my belly, doing nothing more challenging than gazing skyward. 

Certainly some would point to the meagerness of my material goods and call me impoverished.  I realize wealth is a relative calculation.  In response, I would gesture to the moon and smile.  True enough, I have never had the kind of bank account that anyone would envy.  But oh,  can they not see how rich I am!  I have a thousand stars, and each one of them brightly shines  just for me.

It’s the fourth day of the one hundred and eleventh month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

I believe the slightly blurry orb is Jupiter; and the two twinkling lights are Jupiter and Venus.  If I am correct that Jupiter appears to be higher this evening, then the slightly blurry orb by itself in two of the photos is definitely Jupiter.  It is the upper body of the two seen in the western sky tonight.  The other photos are the nearly full moon.

Taken 04 March 2023 with my little Canon PowerShot on “auto” , above Park Delta Bay, in the California Delta, on the levee road which runs along the north bank of the San Joaquin.

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2 thoughts on “The epitome of privilege

  1. Rachel Warren

    I think the simple things in life may bring us the most joy…like the company of a delightful group of women!


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