Survey says…

Going complaint-free just got complicated.

So I stop at my local Office Depot. We’re nearly out of copy paper, which i knew  last week and failed to appreciate.  Or, at least, didn’t address by ordering more.  I got the paper, $43 smackeroos for a 10-ream case, and sundry other items, and swiped the old office debit card.

Feeling good, I cruised to work.  I conned a strong person into carrying the paper, grabbed coffee, and sat down at my desk to read e-mail.

Arggh!  First item:  A notice that at Office Depot ON-LINE, from which I typically order, I can get a case of copy paper for $29.99!

The next e-mail to enter my in-box is a “survey” from Office Depot about my in-store experience.

Now, get this. Other than the after-the-fact discovery that I could have gotten one of the items for $14.00 online, my shopping experience at the store had been just marvelous.  A nice gentleman carried the copy paper to my cart, then to my car, and everybody I saw was pleasant.  And — a big AND — I’m trying to live complaint-free!

I answered the survey, down-grading my state of satisfaction from “extremely” to one step below.  I explained my reasoning in civil tones — or the typed equivalent.  I sent it, feeling only vaguely queasy.  Was that a complaint or not?  My queasiness intensified when I got a very cordial, contrite email from the store manager, offering me a 15% discount on my next in-store visit!

Sooooo.  Did I complain?  Well, yes, I think I did.  Strike 2!  How many innings are there?  Ah, 12.  If I make it through January without any more slips, I get a fresh start on February 1st.  Let’s see….31 days hath January…..

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