Soooo worth it.

Some exhaustion just earns itself.

Last evening’s fourth official gathering of the Women’s Potluck Supper Group ended with the last guests departing at 11:30 p.m. and this old crippled gal staggering upstairs half-asleep.  My bones creak, my muscles ache, and I can barely type for the stiffness in my lily-white spastic hands.

But I’m not complaining.  Sixteen fabulous women gathered at the Holmes house, proving once again that you can take a life, shake it, throw the dice, and end up with a winning play.  Angela Garrett-Carmack and I have been at every dinner since the inception of the loosely-organized Women’s Potluck Supper Group.  Otherwise the rest of the chairs have been occupied by a different configuration each time and wonderfully for me — I know some amazing women.

The gathering included six women of Rotary, one of whom, Erika Kauffman Wheeler, broke into smiles when she saw Katrina Taggart enter the house — since they had worked together 15 years ago.   The age range spanned mid-thirties to Josephine Njoroge’s 75, though none of of us could believe the spry and lively woman, on her self-proclaimed fourth career, approaches 80.   Jobs and vocations included law, real estate, library science, insurance, software, social services, retail, and hospitality.  Politics did not rear its ugly head, nor religion.  Life, work, children, community service, and travel tales peppered the conversation.

Everyone’s story captured our attention — though no one could top Jenny Rosen’s account of seeing a U.S. Marshall take-down of three inter-state bad guys in the Main Street CVS parking lot on Friday.  It must be said, Jenny Rosen leads an exciting life.

I have always enjoyed entertaining.  Family at holidays; an intimate dinner party; a front-porch picnic.  In my son’s childhood, the backyard held, at various times, a swimming pool, a railroad-tie-bordered beach, and a mountain of dirt for deploying Tonka Trucks.  Kids cavorted on climbers while grown-ups sipped Margaritas.  I’ve had couples-dinners and Sunday brunch.  Anything that brings people to my table gladdens my heart.

But  this immutable truth emerges from a life-time of hostessing: Entertaining my sister leopards speaks to my soul.  This morning I feel as though I laid down in the street and let several semis drive themselves over my body.  But it is soooooo worth it.  And — a special shout-out to the guest who drove all the way into KC from Fulton to attend.  Thanks, Virginia — so good to see you and Whit!

It’s the thirty-first day of the twenty-fifth month of My Year Without Complaining.  My incredible, crazy, hilarious, challenging, and exhilarating life continues.

Thanks to Denise Holt and Erika Kaufman Wheeler, among others, I only have this little pile of dishes left to wash!  A full dishwasher and a bag full of trash testify to a successful party.  Love my tribe!

Thanks to Denise Holt and Erika Kauffman Wheeler, among others, I only have this little pile of dishes left to wash! A full dishwasher and a hefty bag of trash testify to a successful party. Love my tribe!


In Memory:

Katheen Alongi

Beloved wife of Joseph Alongi, mother of Steven, James and Phillip

and a member of the Women’s Potluck Supper Group

Died 26 November 2014.


2 thoughts on “Soooo worth it.

  1. Jane

    A grand success! Congratulations! I see names on the list of guests (on Facebook) who I would love to have seen, including you. The one dinner I was able to attend did, indeed, involve rousing and also caring conversation. I hope to make the next one.


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