Secondhand Rose

If you’re friends with me on Facebook you’ve seen one of my two recent secondhand scores, a gorgeous orange/red hat that I bought in Lodi for six-and-a-half bucks.  Did I need another hat?  Of course not.  Would I have paid the marked-price of $15.00 for it?  Yup.  The sale price surprised and delighted me.  I’m a simple person, with humble tastes, and I like a bargain.

For the rest of the day, I ruminated — off and on, amidst a busy Saturday — about my proclivity for used clothing, housewares, and the like.  I do not actually recall wearing clothes purchased at thrift stores until high school but I certainly got castoffs from my older sisters and my cousins.  Once I started buying for myself, I discovered the cost-saving benefit of building a wardrobe from consignment shops. 

I’ve had people in my life who turned their noses at my shopping habits.  But I persist.  My mother once remarked that everything is used when it leaves a store.  That made sense to me.  As time passes, I find that in many cases, used furniture is made from better materials; and that I can pay less for natural-fiber clothing that other people purchased new at full price.  Maybe I’m out of style, a season behind my peers.  In reality, I don’t care, and nobody much looks at the way I dress these days.

When I got home yesterday, I offloaded more plants for the community garden then drove around to my house.  I realized that my joints had begun to ache with a fierce rage, protesting my trips to the post office, Lodi House Thrift, Sprouts, and Hollanddutch Nursery.   Clutching a tin mug of cold water, I stood on my porch contemplating the foot-high grass and wondering where I could find someone to clear my lot.  A few minutes later, I went inside, hung my new hat on a peg, and made lunch.  Sitting in the quiet of my little home, I remembered my dad calling me his secondhand Rose, with Barbra Streisand’s album playing in the background.  I closed my eyes against a sudden swell of tears.    After a few minutes, I pushed aside my plate, stood, and began my afternoon chores.  As I worked, a swell of music in my head took me back to one of the few sweet memories that I have of my father.

It’s the twenty-second day of the one-hundred and twelfth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

Hear Barbra Streisand Sing “Secondhand Rose”


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