Lily hugs

The youngest member of the Wednesday Writers' Workshop.

The youngest member of the Wednesday Writers’ Workshop.

This is Lily Bardi.

Lily Bardi is the daughter of Melissa Thomas and Cavin Bardi, two members of my Wednesday Writers’ Workshop.  Their daughter Jasmine also participates, being the first Youth member and the first recipient of the newly crowd-source funded Wednesday Writers’ Workshop Youth Scholarships.

Lily attends every session of the W3, sitting in her stroller, her baby brother’s playpen, or on her father’s lap.  She tells us about Lady Gaga, Halloween, her mother’s name which she attempts to write with one of my pens, and the lighted balls she sometimes throws under the table.  She asks for water, says “please” and “thank you”, and holds up two little fingers to tell you her age.

Lily reaches to bestow hugs upon anyone whose face or voice she recognizes, and gives out “Lily kisses”.  When Penny Thieme, director and founder of the Gallery, enters the room, she says, “Hi Penny!” at the top of her two-year-old voice.  Last night, at the last session of this season’s W3, as we adjourned until September, Lily spread her arms wide, held onto my neck, and kissed the end of my nose.

Lily’s hugs sustained my mood, into this rainy day.  My wish for you today?  Something as sweet as the smile of a child to chase away the hailstorm in your life.

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  1. Cindy Cieplik

    Thanks–have been focusing on my grandson’s eyes and smile frequently today. Heals and restores.


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