Last Night’s List

So.  Three a.m.  Legs haywire but this time, I can’t blame it on gluten or sugar.  It’s just the craziness of a CNS flickering with the wildness of unregulated ATP release.

As the night trudges toward morning, my list-making kicks into high gear.  This time, the weirdest list in a while.

THINGS THAT AREN’T WORTH THE EFFORT, Top 10, Countdown to Number One:

10.  English Walnuts.  

09.  Rubberized coin purses.

08.  Key rings.

07.  Clip-on sunglasses.

06.  Sling-back high-heeled sandals.

05.  Storage containers with burpable lids.

04.  Earring backs that have rolled behind the dresser.

03.  Crumbs.

02.  Bottles with instructions to, “Press down and squeeze while turning.”

01.  And the number one thing that’s not worth the effort:


It’s the twenty-sixth day of the thirty-seventh month of My Year Without Complaining.  This entry is dedicated to Angie Bell.  Life continues.


“Listen, Oh Drop – give yourself up without regret,
and gain the ocean.”
—- Rumi

4 thoughts on “Last Night’s List

  1. ccorleyjd365 Post author

    My night-time list-making might be what prompted my comments today. I was awake so long last night I could have been delirious. There were more on the list but I lost some with the break of dawn. It all comes down to NO REGRET. I’m moving that way. . .getting there. . . some day.

    1. ccorleyjd365 Post author

      My dear Miss A: I am glad you have not wasted time on regret. You have so much beauty and love in your life. And you are a beautiful tender-hearted person.


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