Grateful for the Lady Jessica

Tomorrow, the Lady Jessica Genzer launches the next phase of her life.  I have been graced with her daily presence in my home for three months.  I am loathe to release her, but I know that marvelous wanderings and fabulous adventures await her in the Islands; and so, I must bid her adieu.

Jessica has shown me the way of joyfulness.  She has brought her sweet son Addao into my life and taught me much about parenting.  Her accepting nature, combined with her passionate defense  of what she sees as the absolute truth, have tempered my responses to my own life.  She has helped me find the  courage to challenge injustice without mistaking  the choices of others for intentional offense.

This two-day period holds three exits. My son leaves today to return to Chicago.  Jessica’s son will go back to his father’s house this afternoon, and I will see him only occasionally during Jessica’s time in Hawaii.  Tomorrow morning, Jessica departs for California from which she will fly to Honolulu for her three-month stay there.  Once again, the Holmes house will be occupied by me, the silly dog, and our outdoor cat.  I shall be sorry not to see Addao’s radiant smile and hear his adorable giggle.  I am conditioned to Patrick’s comings and goings; nonetheless I am saddened by the thought of his impending departure.

But you:  Lady Jessica.  I’m going to miss you most of all.  And once again, I have proof that I have a heart; because, although I am glad for you, to be embarking on this great journey, my heart breaks ever so slightly,  at the thought of telling you fare thee well.


Jessica and her son Addao.

Jessica and her son Addao.

3 thoughts on “Grateful for the Lady Jessica

  1. Cindy Cieplik

    What a wonderful adventure and sharing of hearts and souls you have been blessed with in the past few months!
    Wishing you a new year that continues to bless you abundantly!

  2. ccorleyjd365 Post author

    And you, too, Cindy. I hope both of us have “the most fabulous year ever” in 2015, and that those whom we love (including the Prince!) prosper and grow in the coming months.


  3. Jane

    What a wonderful gift Jessica has provided. Also, “it must be said,” you have been willing and able to accept that gift, and for that you deserve praise as well.


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