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If the sign of a successful actor lies in the employment status of the actor’s spouse, the measure of a blogger’s success appears on her stat pages, and in the comments section of her posts.

Today, I find myself grateful for the “fans and friends” who read my blog and especially those who post or e-mail about my efforts here and on my Musings.

My Musings began as e-mails to a thousand-person listserve, an attempt to write when I had no other venue.  They evolved into a weekly blogspot and found more readers by weekly tweets and Facebook posts of the link.  I’ve drawn both praise and criticism for those offerings, but all comments find me and work themselves into the fabric of my learning and growth as a writer.

This blog records  my journal of personal growth.  As such, its appeal might be somewhat less than my weekly blog but a cadre of loyal fans and friends read, comment, and e-mail about my entries.  I’m grateful for each of you.

Those who know me best, understand the events of 2014 which have made my quest to live complaint-free on all levels that much more difficult.  I’ve tried to keep the references to some of the more challenging events oblique or symbolic.  But  suffice to say that had I know what lie ahead, I would certainly not have weaned myself from narcotics and complaining at the same time.  One or the other might have been a reasonable approach.

As it is, I’ve managed to stay completely narcotic-free but have regressed from time to time in this realm.  All in all, the choice to stop taking narcotics for the first time in 45 years was a good one, even though it stressed my resolve to change my outlook on life.

Without my fans and friends, I could not have gauged my progress with certainty.  Even folks who don’t post here, or even send private e-mails, have taken the time to comment at the positive transformation that I’ve been trying to achieve.  My symbol for years has been the butterfly, with its journey from little ugly worm to fragile lovely colorful wings and a strong, sure body.  I am not there; but I am getting close.  The support of fans and friends has been instrumental in my decision to persevere.

I am — without doubt — humbled by your dedication to me, and grateful for each of you.

Just one of my supportive friends, but one of my most long-standing. Marcella Womack, shown here in Loose Park in warmer days.

Just one of my supportive friends, but one of my most long-standing. Marcella Womack, shown here in Loose Park in warmer days.


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  1. Cindy Cieplik

    You are welcome! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season where you can celebrate all of your blessings and growth this past year!


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