Cross-Referencing Joy

To the followers of this blog:

For the last three days, I have spent an enormous amount of time writing an entry on my social-and-political commentary blog.  I just posted it.

I commend that entry to you.  I am too tired to write a lengthy entry here tonight.

But tonight’s essay at My Eyes Are Watching You tells the story of my personal triumph over challenging health issues. In a way, those issues eroded my life to such an extent that complaint became its discordant soundtrack.  Though slightly controversial in theme, my post “over there” might resonate with my followers here.

It’s fitting, then, for you to read about that leg in my journey to joy.

You can find it HERE.  I promise to resume my normal, mundane, accounts about the struggle towards acceptance tomorrow.

It’s the nineteenth day of the sixty-fourth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

Taken on my recent trip to Tucson.

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