Celebrating Gardeners

This evening I watchd two young women working in the community garden in the park where I live. Ostensibly I was participating but my body does not move in the ways necessary to be a really active gardener. These ladies have astounded me with their daily dedication to the community garden which we all wanted and in which several of us are actively participating. It warms my heart to see Jessie and Sarah and Melanie turning good soil and planting young shoots or small seeds which we will all nurture and from which we will reap bounty.

As I contemplate the close of another month in my seemingly endless year, I am thinking of the gardeners in my life. My mother, my sister Ann, my mother-in-law, and my friend Katrina spring readily to mind. But I am also thinking of a more symbolic type of gardener, the ones who have sown happiness in my daily existence.

In particular, this evening I am remembering my friend Linda Overton. Linda was once my sister-in-law and worked at my law firm for several years.  I know I was a very difficult boss during that time. Perhaps I always was, but particularly so in those days. Like many people with chronic pain, I coped with my physical stress by trying to ignore it.  But the anguish manifested as unpleasant behavior towards those around me.

From Linda, I learned one of the sweetest phrases I have ever heard. I would say to her, ” I am so sorry I snapped at you.” She would smile and mildly remark, “I forgave you when you done it.” I will never forget the extraordinary kindness which Linda has shown to me all of the time that I have known her, which is three decades. If she is reading this, I hope she takes it to heart, and knows how grateful I am for her presence in my life.

It’s the 31st day of the 55th month of My Year Without Complaining. Life continues.

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  1. Linda Overton

    Corinne this almost made me cry. You have been a good role model for living without complaints. I have not even begun to try to live that way. Maybe if my pain would lighten up I could try to emulate you. But, until then I will look forward to the day when I can join you in the life without complaint!.

    Thank you for these kind words.


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