You heard it here, folks

I’ve publicly proclaimed my dissatisfaction with Aixois in the past — on Facebook, at least, and generally among my close friends and those who in the past have been kind enough to listen to me complain about unimportant things like the quality of a three-dollar cup of coffee.  So, it must be said: This evening, en route home, I stopped at Aixois, feeling a cup low on decent coffee.

And, lo and behold, I got the best Americano that I’ve had in a long time, right here, right now, at Aixois in Crestwood. Cheerfully and pleasantly served by a barista who went out of the way to search the “happy hour” tapas menu for a small gluten-free snack.  You heard it here, folks:  I’m hereby announcing that all past criticisms of Aixois were likely situational in nature, like, I was being crabby or the hostess or waitress were being human.

So, here’s to second thoughts and good cups of coffee after a long, productive work day, on a lovely, cool day in July.


4 thoughts on “You heard it here, folks

  1. Nia

    Thank you for your kind words! My name is Nia and I was the barista that helped you today. In a job where you so rarely get any appreciation, it can change your day to get this kind of recognition. I wish you all the best with your year, and hope it continues to go well for you.

    1. ccorleyjd365 Post author

      Thank you, Nia. I am a total coffee snob and a total coffee-shop-experience snob, but I’ve also spent many years being a rank complainer of the pettiest sort. You excelled today and deserve praise; but I also really wanted to take the opportunity to let the world know that any past incidents of my complaining about Aixois should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt. Also, please know this, I have had a very difficult year, and you were spontaneously gracious to me with no knowledge of me or my day or my life. Such a welcome experience for me! Clearly, it is your nature to be gracious to all whom you encounter, and you deserve to be noticed. Thank you.


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