Wonders Never Ceasing

The day after my favorite curmudgeon and father-in-law, Jabez Jackson MacLaughlin died, I carried out his last instruction to me — to wit, I contacted Senator Pat Roberts on Jay’s behalf.  I told Senator Roberts exactly what my father-in-law had instructed me to say, which was, that Jay voted for Mr. Roberts in spite of himself; and delivered a message of my own, which was that I expected Mr. Roberts to acquit himself honorably, and not to betray the trust of the folks who returned him to Washington.

Today, Senator Roberts called my office.  Regrettably, our secretary had gone out to get  lunch for us; and the call went to voice mail.  My assistant heard the  message this evening as I worked late, and rushed into my office to say, “You have to hear this; and here’s a Kleenex.”  I listened to it, and then called Jim, son of Jabez, to play it for him.

In Senator Robert’s voice mail, he stated that he had been moved by my letter; and that my letter stood for him as a testimony to family love.  But  he also stated that he indeed would do his best for the people of Kansas, as charged by my father-in-law.  As  you all know, I am a die-hard Democrat; but Mr. Robert’s words, and tone, and the fact that he himself called not leaving this task to some faceless aide — well, I have to tell you, I was indeed moved to tears.  If I had the technical expertise to get that  message from my voice mail to my computer and thence to here, I would do so; but suffice it to say, that I am one Democrat who has just an inch more hope for our nation after hearing from one Republican.

Will wonders never cease?





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  1. ccorleyjd365 Post author

    My father-in-law inspired me. Phil, I can send you my letter to Mr. Roberts and a WAV file of his message if you are interested.


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