Sunny side of the street

My living and dining rooms now sport a pale yellow color.  I expected cream but being a fan of Edward Albee’s “American Dream”, I understand that wheat is beige and beige is tan.  This definitely says lemon drops to me, a sweet kiss of sunshine edged in shiny white enamel.

The hallway and bathroom will be the color of the thin spring grass that sprouted above the leaky water line in my childhood backyard.  I recognized the color as soon as I saw the cut-in, arriving home from work today.  The large mirror that has hung on the dining room wall for many years presently sits on the dining room table  Hopefully, the painter will re-hang it tomorrow.  The pictures have been carefully returned to their hooks in the living room wall; as has the Hmong piece and all of the knick-knacks, each of which has a story that I could tell you, if you let me.

i have never been a big fan of yellow.  But I like the freshness of what I see, the clean surfaces, the bounce of light off the pale hue.  As I sit on the couch, noticing that the room seems somehow fresher, I reflect back on a difficult week and hope for a better tomorrow.  Perhaps I’ll take a cue from the painter’s pallet and stroll down  the sunny side of the street.

P1000213 (2)

Hmong piece. My flash makes the wall look more pale than it actually is, as shown in the next photo, which was taken with my laptop’s camera.

The Queen in Yellow.

The Queen in Yellow.


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