Secondary benefits

After forty hours of nearly uninterrupted sleep, I lounged around the house until ten this morning then finally got ready to drive to work.  Five minutes into the drive, the Prius’s Bluetooth sounded.  The caller had read yesterday’s blog about being sick and called to check on me.

And that, folks, is one of the unexpected rewards of blogging.  Yes, the whole world (well, your whole world anyway) knows your troubles and trials; your triumphs and your tragedies.  But they also know when a word might be timely.

Here’s to the friends who call, the friends who comment, the friends who message and who mention me in Social Media. All of you: Thank you.

When I am asked how I can bring myself to bare my soul as I take this journey to joy, I always reply that if I had learned to bare my soul a few decades ago, I might have experienced a lot more joy.  As it is, if by example, my blogging can save just one soul from a lonely hour, whatever risk comes with the public debate about my efforts to change will be justified.  It’s all good; it’s all secondary benefits.

It’s the nineteenth day of the twenty-fifth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Snow falls on Kansas City.  Life continues.

Call me, maybe.  Hello?

Call me, maybe. Hello?

3 thoughts on “Secondary benefits

  1. Katrina Taggart

    And how are you today? It sounds like you’re better, but I hope you’re home safely as my driveway is an ice skating rink!


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