My Weekend In Paradise

I went to HI Point Montara Hostel 07 – 09 February 2020.  While I do not have a fancy camera and shoot almost exclusively on “Auto”, I enjoy recording the captivating sights.  

While I waited for a friend to join me at dinner on Friday, my lens wandered over playful gulls at the edge of the beach and the sun setting across a parking lot.  Later, I madly snapped frame after frame of the full moon.  On Saturday, dawn revealed the vague lines of a ship on the farthest horizon.  I walked down a path on Pillar Point, where I watched a charming little girl run from mischievous waves.  At sunset, a young man and his Yorkie drifted across my line of sight. 

The Pacific drew me westward.  I return to her whenever my soul needs comfort.  She never disappoints me.  Someone whom I met at the hostel this weekend asked how frequently I stay there.  As often as possible, I admitted.  And it doesn’t seem like nearly enough.  

It’s the twelfth day of the seventy-fourth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

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