Luck or something like it

My home had been scheduled to be completed in September of 2017.  The builder agreed to drive it to California on Labor Day weekend.  I would go ahead to secure the parking spot, planned for north of the Bay near Santa Rosa.

The delay irritated me.  I haggled with the builder to no end:  Delivery would now be in November.  I went on to California for my quarterly treatment.  Over the weekend, I discovered that I couldn’t hold the Napa Valley spot until November.  They pleaded demand.  They suggested that I try the Delta.  I came out this way, liked what I saw, and tendered my application.

On 08 October 2017, fire flared in Napa, spreading across five counties and eventually burning nearly 300,000 acres.  I watched in horror from Kansas City.  Had my tiny house been ready as scheduled, it would have been destroyed.

Instead, one year ago today, Angel’s Haven completed her 1800 mile journey.  She entered the California Delta Loop and took the last five miles, halfway round, to Park Delta Bay.  She moved down the driveway, paused where I waited at the kiosk, then entered the 1/4 mile gravel circle and landed at G-8, where she still sits.   

Luck or something like it saved me.  I think of that as I gape at news clips of this year’s fires. Grace surrounds me.  Fortune protects me.

It’s the tenth day of the fifty-ninth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

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