What it is

Nothing much happened today.  Brian Martig’s comings-and-goings interrupted laundry every hour or so.  I got some client bills posted and washed three loads but otherwise, spent a restful day at the Holmes House.  Now the dog barks in the side yard, no doubt at the air floating around her or the light from the stars.  I hear the rumbling of the washer.  Aches in various joints and muscles assert themselves. My lungs send a little shiver of pain as they draw air in, push it out.  What it is, is a quiet night.  In the morning I will go to brunch with my friend Pat Reynolds; and afterwards, I might stop by the office.  This wasn’t the weekend which I planned, at the Honker Springs Farm, in the quiet company of Ellen Carnie.  But the flu claimed her; and I stayed home.  I’m not complaining.  The farm will be there for a while; and every once in a while even the Energizer Bunny needs some downtime.


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