Weekend at the Sea

Friends:  I consoled myself for cancelling my trip to Missouri by reserving an AirBnB in Pacifica last weekend.  Though I dearly miss my son, siblings, and friends, as a consolation prize, the Coast does have its excellent qualities.  Please enjoy these photos taken by me in Pacifica and Half Moon Bay.

Technical note:  If you put your cursor over the photos, you will see my short captions.  Be patient; these slide shows sometimes lag.  There are quite a few photos here, and many more in my computer.  I think these will give you a flavor of life on the western seaboard.  My peace.

It’s the last day of the eighty-third month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

4 thoughts on “Weekend at the Sea

  1. linda carlos

    I love this challenge of dedicating a year to not complain! I also dont want to be around alot of complaining. It attacks my gratefulness and serenity. Thanks for inspiring me!


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