View of a life

As I walked through my house this morning, I realized that a view of my life surrounds me. Souvenirs of hearts which have touched mine grace the walls, rest in the cupboard, and fill the nooks and crannies. On my darkest days, in my bleakest hours, I need only gaze around to remember everywhere that I have been and everyone who has loved me.

Here is the souvenir license plate that my son bought on a field trip.

Next to it hangs the god’s eye that my friend Basimah gave me to ward away evil spirits.

The glimmer which I see is the ornament which Jennie Taggart gifted me for Christmas three years ago.

Behind the spare key, an angel reminds me of my friend Penny and the many hours we spent drinking coffee and solving the problems of the world.

How can I despair when so much glory and so many blessings crowd away the blues?

It’s the twenty-second day of the sixty-fourth month of My Year Without Complaining. Life continues.

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