The quest continues.


Now that the birds have returned to Andrus Island, my quest for pictures of these incredible creatures continues.  I nearly got to photograph the snow geese on the way to work this morning.  An accident on Brannan Island Road had drawn three first responders to the only turn-off in full view of the flock.  I drove around to Jackson Slough to gawk at the long-necks instead. 

On the way home from work, I pulled into the entrance to a nearby field to snap the flocks coming to the island for the night.  The turbines spanned the far horizon, perhaps a mile away. I remained in my car, but cut the engine.

Within minutes, a truck appeared on the dirt road ahead of me from inside the perimeter of the private property.  The driver disembarked and hovered near my car, watching through the windshield. 

As I recapped my lens and started to exit, I rolled down my window. 

“Just shooting the sunset,” I told him. 

“All good,” he said, though neither of us was fooled.

It’s the fifteenth day of the seventy-third month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

Please note that I do not pretend to be any good at the technical aspects of picture-taking.  If you want to see stellar shots, plenty of professionals and capable amateurs post their work.  My current favorite is Don Wisdom.

I post my photographs so you see a fraction of the beauty in which I live, the world which draws me forward in my #journeytojoy.


One thought on “The quest continues.

  1. Pat Reynolds

    great photos! Actually the ones I see close ups of are Canadian geese. From what I was taught, snow geese, like their namesake, are primarily white. Even the ones with significant color on them (a blue morph, once considered a separate species) still always have white heads, I believe. If you are ever in KC area around December, go up north to Squaw Creek where you will see 300,000 plus snow geese, along with the bald eagles that follow their migration. Apparently bald eagles consider snow geese to be the filet mignon of birds. 🙂 The photo opportunities there are great. I once spent my birthday there and took over 300 photos, back when that meant kodachrome film use.

    Your photos of the birds in flights with the windmills juxtaposed are just amazing!!!! You are turning into quite the accomplished photographer!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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