The last bastion of violent communication

Two words:

Customer Service.

I’m publicly acknowledging that after the first hour on the phone with the customer service department of a major company, I lost my hold on Non-Violent Communication.

Maybe there is a special course for Dealing With Non-English-Speaking Customer Service People in Non-Violent Communication.

If so, sign me up.  It’s the last bastion of violent communication in my life.

“Hi, my name is Corinne.  I’m a recovering Jackal.  And it’s been a half hour since I relapsed into Jackal Speak — with an overseas Customer Service Agent.”

Hi, Corinne!

7 thoughts on “The last bastion of violent communication

  1. Steven Senter

    I usually decide in the first minute or so if I am communicating well enough with an overseas agent to be successful. If not, I hang up and try my luck again.

    Sometimes when you don’t get results with customer service, you have to make some noise…I always try and reassure whomever I am on the phone with that I’m frustrated with the situation and not necessarily them.

    I’m not even sure there is treatment /therapy/ support groups for this one. Maybe having an adult beverage handy would help…

    1. ccorleyjd365 Post author

      Steven: tried all those approaches. This was THREE HOURS. Four phone calls, an on-line chat. I’ve now e-mailed Executive Complaint. I feel tawdry but a major purchase is involved.

      And yes: Adult beverages. Or chocolate. Because. Just because.

      Thank you all!!!!

  2. Annie Wilson

    Been there, done that – will most probably be doing it again.

    The only thing worse is when you when you finally end up at that stage AFTER going through 10 minutes of “our menu has changed, please listen carefully to these options” – and you’ve been stuck in a circular option hell!

    My temper is legendary.

  3. Joyce

    We all have been there in many more areas than foreign reps and it has worsened more recently than it was in the past.

    I feel no remorse AT ALL, for my typical reaction, which seems to be just trying to drive THEM crazy and escalating to another, who I will also drive crazy until I get my problem resolved.

    Perhaps you might want to try different methods, until you find one that doesn’t drain your life’s blood; y’know, one you can enjoy and are more comfortable with?

  4. ccorleyjd365 Post author

    Joyce and Annie:

    I agree with each of you. Today, I tried every method. The biggest problem was that I couldn’t understand them and told them so patiently a score or more times and they either didn’t care, or couldn’t care, or did not do anything or could not do anything.

    I tried non-violent communication and patience, first. I even tried calling different times to see if I could find someone who would speak more clearly and/or help. No luck.

    I’ve emailed the Executive Complaint Department and feel sort of tawdry. But a major purchase is involved, so what can I do?

    I acknowledge my slip into VC and I’m trying to reclaim NVC — but still get what Edward Albee would call “satisfaction”. And not just the identical hat, relabeled as wheat instead of beige. (A reference to Edward Albee’s magnificent play, “The American Dream”.)

  5. ccorleyjd365 Post author

    Pat, I tried that for an hour. Eventually, at hour 2.5, I got a woman in the US who snapped, “I know all about it, there’s nothing I can do.” She also told me she had no supervisor.


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