The bandwagon

I heard some upstart went on a TV show called “Good Morning America” to talking about not complaining.  No, I’m not jealous.  It’s a trend that I hope will circulate and become popular.

I’ve not been wildly successful during my year without complaining.  I’ve identified subtle ways in which I complain, which pose more difficulty than the obvious forms of complaint.  My relapses grown briefer and less frequent.  I  stop mid-whine to change my course.  I understand that a life-time of complaining can’t necessarily be abandoned cold-turkey.  I’m not letting up on my goal to live complaint-free, but I understand that, like any lifestyle, change can be slow and painful.

Personal challenges, life events that I did not anticipate when I made this resolution, have impaired my progress.  I forgive myself the humanity which plagues me.  Hearing that others have taken up  the charge, either people whom I know and find their inspiration in me, or people doing so on their own initiative, strengthens my resolve.  Each day holds new opportunity.  So jump on the bandwagon!  The parade marches on!

2 thoughts on “The bandwagon

  1. Cindy Cieplik

    “I do not change, I simply become more myself.” Joyce Carol Oates
    I like who you are becoming. I know it’s a journey~just like mine.
    Your sister on the path~~~

  2. Lyne't

    You have definitely inspired me to live without complaint. I had a major relapse last week while dealing with my son’s counselor for his senior year in high school. He ever so calmly talked me back to peace while in the counselors office then listened to me rant all the way home. At home he looked me in the eyes and said softly, “momma it’s okay, I’m okay, and this situation will be okay. You have to let it be.” I thought, “Wow! He has just finished 10 weeks of basic COMBAT training and yet he has such calmness.”

    Thank you so much for being MY inspiration.


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