that old Bashevis Singer rule rears its ugly head

So I’m grumbling, feeling sorry for myself, grousing around the house and kicking chairs (but not the dog).  And my friend Elizabeth Unger Carlisle, a post-convictions remedies / death penalty cases attorney, e-mails that she’s a bit flustered these days too, with the impending execution of a client.

Bam.  Theory of relativity smacks me in the head and I realize that the  petty little salt-in-an-open-wound incidents which have nagged me into grumpiness pale by comparison with the levying of a death sentence.

I stood on the porch at six a.m. today, eyeing the yard full of fallen leaves, letting the chill of the early morning air wash over me.  I reached my arms above my head and stretched, about 1/4 of the Sun salute, the most I can manage these days.  I close my eyes and feel my muscles pulling, feel the blood, thick but pumping, course through my veins.  That old Isaac Bashevis Singer rule has reared its ugly head again:  If no little children will die…It’s not a catastrophe.

I go back inside to pour a hot cup of coffee, brewed with electricity for which I can afford to pay.  I pop a pre-made gluten-free waffle into the toaster and reach for an individual container of Yoplait Greek yogurt.  Life might not be what I thought I bargained to attain.  But it ain’t bad.

So I’m asking the universe and all my bright-sider friends to throw me a life-line, and reaching to reel myself back from the brink so I can start anew.

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3 thoughts on “that old Bashevis Singer rule rears its ugly head

  1. Karen Carmack

    You sound like you have made quick rebound aka ( samsara )
    Never forget what your sweet Sun salutation gave this morning one big breath of fresh air and a stretch to the heavens activated the kundalini within you. “Kundalini it flows in different episodes; sometimes panic will force exercise and breathing, sometimes bliss and grounding will force lying down. If we understand the forces at play with the various autonomic (sympathetic/parasympathetic) responses we are not confused, resistant or fearful over what is happening. With an informed perspective we know beforehand that if we are down, we are going to go up, and if we are up we are going to go down. We know how to work-with the on/off switches, to not to suppress either, but to raise the energy of each into a healthy conscious embrace of whatever is happening now.”

    light of love and divine grace,


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