Stand Up, Speak, Let Go, Walk Out, Calm Down

The worst thing about not complaining is the dichotomy between living complaint-free and living my values.  I want to protest injustice. I want to demand fair treatment, both globally and personally.  I want to point out when I’ve been cheated and ask the cheater to make amends.

How to do that without complaining?

When I remain silent in the scorching after-burn of injustice, a foul stench lingers in my mouth.  When I breathe, it flows to those around me.  Worse:  I can’t discern the next cheater from an unfortunate accidental transgressor.  I question everyone and everything. That’s the poison left behind by the thief, most especially the cheerful thief who hides his treachery behind a beaming smile and a flurry of supposed friendship.

My answer, after much reflection:

I’m standing in my space and breathing.

I’m speaking truth but only truth.

I’m letting go so the treacherous actions of others will no longer fester inside me.

I’m walking out of the circle of negativity.

I’m calming down and inviting peace into my soul.

It’s the sixteenth day of the forty-sixth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.


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