Sometimes, people just know

Every once in a while, I wonder how I got to be so lucky that people come into my life and do exactly what I need, at just the right moment.

Sometimes, it seems, people just know what will help even when I’ve not figured out that a hole exists in the fabric of my day.

Take Brian Martig, for example.  He’s coming to start the bathroom project here today, even though it’s his birthday and as a self-employed person, he could have said, “Eh, don’t think so.”  And he sent me a Pin of a sample shower and said, “How about this — it would let light into your room and your heart?”  Oh yes please: light in my heart.  That would be lovely.

Occasionally someone gives me a present that seems to be custom made for me.  I don’t get physical gifts often; gifts of time and words, yes; gifts of goodwill, certainly.  But every once in a while, someone places an object in my hand with the words, for you, and gets it spot on.

Whether with word, deed, or trinket, when people touch my heart in the precise way that I need, it stays with me for an eternity.


As you can see by the adornment on this sweater which I chose for myself, the smokey topaz which I’m wearing perfectly suited me. I got it for my birthday in 2012 and wear it nearly every day.


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