Old Dog / New Tricks

Good evening.  For the first time since I came to California, I shared a Pacific coast weekend with a friend.  I’ve been to the Bay with my son, my sister, and my friend Kimberley.  But never, before this weekend, have I had company on one of my sojourns to the sea.  This weekend, my friend Tracy joined me in a stay in Monte Rio, a drive to Ft. Ross in the fog, and a slow trek down the coastal highway including a pleasant picnic in a casual layby. 

I cannot say that I made a good companion, but I do think it’s possible that one day, I might become civilized.  It remains to be seen if an old dog such as myself can learn the new trick of opening my world to the eyes of others.  As for Tracy, she cooked meals for us, served as driver, and kept me laughing even when I struggled to walk on the slippery sidewalks and precarious pathways.  As usual, the song of the sea soothed me, and I returned to the Delta determined to put my best foot forward into the new week.  

It’s the nineteenth day of the ninety-third month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

Please enjoy.

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