New shoes

I got a new pair of red shoes today.

I haven’t had a pair of red shoes since my last Mary Janes got ruined by a large Americano trying to escape consumption.

When I was a girl, my mother gave me a book called, “Emmylou: Her Book and Her Heart”. In that book somewhere it says, “It’s impossible to be sad in Sailor suits and red shoes.”  I tend to agree.

I didn’t need another pair of shoes but I needed a pair that wouldn’t make my toes numb, and maybe the wearing of which would gladden my heart. I got the shoes from eBay for 30 bucks.  They look to be in perfect condition. The ad said, “gently used”. I feel that way myself. Sometimes worse.

I took the red shoes out of the package and touched their shiny leather. I thought about that last pair and how the coffee soaked into the footbed to the point where you couldn’t put your feet inside. I liked those shoes. I hope these new ones stay away from hot coffee.

It’s the sixteenthth day of the seventy-third month of My Year Without Complaining. Life continues.

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