Nearly Three Years and Not Much Progress

In two days, I will enter the thirty-sixth month of My Year Without Complaining.

I began this exercise after my Mother-in-Law died in October of 2013. About that time, my son also introduced me to non-violent communication.  I put dear JoAnna’s sweet nature with Marshall Rosenberg’s call to peaceful living and launched my own quest to live for one year without engaging in complaint.  When life threw me such tremendous curve balls that I barely made it through each day without serious lament, I kept going.

Tonight a Google Fiber guy convinced me that some people just NEED complaint to thrive — to wit, him.  His obtuse response to my confession of ignorance as to a feature on my (very expensive and not much better than anything else) cable service challenged me but i held strong right up to the end when he asked me the same DANG question for the fifth time. I patiently repeated myself AGAIN prompting him to say, “I guess I just misunderstood.”  Whereupon I started into an exasperated “Are you kidding me?” following which, the call mysteriously dropped.

A few minutes later, I figured out the problem myself.  I walked around the house muttering, You’re not supposed to be complaining, under my breath while the dog dodged my feet and the noise box in the front room babbled.

It’s the twenty-ninth day of the thirty-fifth month of My Year Without Complaining.  I haven’t made much progress but I’m still trying.  Life continues.



Because sometimes a picture of lovely flowers makes all the difference in the universe.

And if that doesn’t make you smile, here’s an invitation to the Suite 100 Holiday Open House:


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