My Lead-In to Next Year

If you want an antidote for the blues, spend the afternoon with Jenny Rosen.

She’s funny, smart, and just sarcastic enough to cause me to spit chai out of my nose from laughing.  The folks at the nearby table in Starbucks rolled their eyes and moved away but I didn’t care.

It’s impossible to complain with Jenny Rosen regaling me with the most hilarious stories of her life.  I think the folks at SNL must be scripting her.  She plays the straight lines just as well as the jokes.

So I haven’t cleaned.  I spent a couple of hours with Jenny, including a trip to Hy-Vee where she schooled the sacker something fierce.  We stopped at World’s Window for a last gasp of the annual 40% discount where Jenny got a pair of gloves after trying on the most adorable hats and accidentally shaming every woman there with her poise and beauty.  I spent the entire afternoon grinning, when I wasn’t falling over with uncontrollable laughter and spitting drink on the floor.

I needed that, Rosen.  You rock.

It’s the thirty-first day of the thirty-sixth month of My Perpetual Year Without Complaining.  In less than 7 hours, it will be next year.  I have yet to go even a full day without complaining after all this time, but I’m holding on.   I still have Tara.  And as God is my witness, I will never go hungry again.

Life continues.

10985181_10204865948221367_7988320122251574414_oFrom left to right:

Ms. Jenny Rosen, yours truly, and Mr. Micah Spivey

Taken in 2015 but still one of my favorites.

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