Jump That Gun!

I pushed “listen to voice mail” on my cell phone a few days ago and winced as I heard a cheery voice say, “This is the XYZ company calling —-  ” naming a cleaning service that I used a number of years ago.  I had terminated their services due to being dissatisfied with their efforts.  “Can’t they read their notes!” I exclaimed.  “I am not a good candidate for soliciting business!”  Delete, delete, delete!  I neither finished listening nor returned the call. Not interested!!!

Imagine my surprise when I received an envelope from them in yesterday’s mail.  I made a little face — which I acknowledge even though I have no witness so I did not get caught making a face of complaint.  “Oh, geez, they don’t give up!” I thought to myself, glancing around, only briefly wondering if I’m breaking my own rule about not complaining.  Surely not!

I almost through the envelope in the trash, but it felt heavy. I figured it might be one of those advertising magnets.  I collect those, so I opened the envelope.

Inside, was the key to my house.  In fact, it was one of the original keys that I got when I bought the house!  They apparently realized that they had never returned it, and wanted to make sure to follow through.

Oh man. Did I jump some guns.  *taking out my notepad and marking down — lesson learned*.  No jumping guns.  Life will be richer when we wait to see what it is the other person intends to say, and give ourselves time to reflect before we respond.


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    Is there a way to follow or look at this blog without receiving an email when you make a new post ?


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