In Praise of Sunflower Seed Butter

I jumped on the almonds-are-good-for-you bandwagon the minute it hit my block.

I’ve like the idea of choosing food that has healthier properties for many years.  When I got over the notion of avoiding all fats, and looked at the almond issue critically, I determined that as long as I use a handful and not a bucketful, I can get a pop of protein during that mad dash to court without disastrous impact on my diet.

At the same time, I switched from that schmear of “all natural” PB, crunchy, to a dollop of almond butter, on my morning toast.  Then began the next quest:  To find the best almond butter, with the fewest additives, or, if possible, none.  When a friend tossed a few packets of Justin’s Almond butter my way, I gobbled it up — hook, line and sinker.

Now for the hard part:  A jar of Justin’s Almond butter costs $10.50 at HyVee on sale.  Ouch.  When I realized this (after my husband brought it home, when I went back to get a second jar), I began to wonder if the World’s Best Almond Butter was worth what I paid for it.  I put it back on the shelf, and started studying the jars.  I discovered that All Natural PB ($5.00/jar) has 7 grams of protein per 2T as does the Justin’s ($10.50 a jar), but Sunflower Seed Butter has 9 grams of protein for each 2T serving and only costs $6.50 a jar.  And after a few days of spreading the lovely, no-additives stuff on my toast, I can say goodbye to my Justin’s addiction.

I recently shared some of my difficult life’s events with a friend. He sat and listened receptively, and I tried to relate the events without complaint; just talking.  Not whining.  And then we moved  on to other topics and had a pleasant visit.  And I realized that complaining, while satisfying, is expensive, and not necessarily as good for you as some other choices.  Kind of like my fancy Almond butter.  Costly, with not as much payback.


5 thoughts on “In Praise of Sunflower Seed Butter

  1. ccorleyjd365 Post author

    High praise, Indeed! All I can ask….that the point is gotten! Thank you for reading and writing.

  2. Theresa

    So … a point you might not have been trying to make but that I took from your blog today — that IF a complaint (in this case, the price of the almond butter) is followed up by a positive action (the search for a less expensive alternative) that leads to an improvement (cheaper option AND maybe even better for ya!)THEN the complaint is cancelled out! Especially if you share the good news!!!

    1. ccorleyjd365 Post author

      My dear Theresa — I agree with most of your reasoning, except the part about the complaint (your initial premise). I did not complain about the price of almond butter, I just decided that while the almond butter tasted good, and is derived from nuts that current thinking are healthier for me than other notes, I would like a less expensive option. But HEY, my post-modernist writer son tells me that post-modernist philosophy would allow YOUR interpretation and further, would suggest that I should not put my interpretation out there, as the writer; leaving the reader free to think what he, or in your case, she, pleases. How’s that for a “yeah but”?


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