Holding on to the edge of the slippery slope

I sit and listen to people tell me their troubles, in ones, in twos, in groups. I air my own grievances and feel the pushback — wait, be still, does this pressure come from inside?

The bruised rib — no, I don’t think it’s broken but I have not had time to call the doctor.  The pains in my left arm — is that a myth? or my heart? But then the messages come about other people’s disasters and I shake my head, wrap my arms a little tighter and remind  myself:  You’re not supposed to be complaining, remember?

I feel myself sliding, losing my balance, skittering close to the edge.  I grasp, flailing behind me for a handhold.  Once I utter the first complaint, it’s a slippery slope to the ruination of nineteen months of progress.  I’m holding on; I’m holding on.



2 thoughts on “Holding on to the edge of the slippery slope

  1. Joyce

    You have slipped and slided before and have not lost your compass or your goal. You will know that you have succeeded, when you can let loose a complaint or a series of complaints, then return to your good, evolved, non-complaining self.

    There are some things that require a “never again” stance. Complaining, is not one of them. Take a deep breath and ‘CHOOSE’ to toss out a small or large complaint or not. I think that is your gauge to success. jk

  2. ccorleyjd365 Post author

    Joyce, I know you and I disagree on whether complaining can be eliminated. I strive to be as close to zero as possible. But you are very charitable to me and I appreciate it!


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