Grateful for my Angels

Tomorrow will be the last day of my year, this year when I’ve been embracing deliberate change.  I will post something tomorrow that might well be sappy and sentimental to some; but will bring this year to a close and give way to the start of my real year without complaining, 2015.  I will be applying everything I have learned and experienced on this personal journey.

For today, let me say this:  There are several people who have tolerated my ineptness, my stumbling, and my prideful ways.  They have given much to me, even when I could not ask for help and seemed to resent the help offered or given.  I know them well enough to know that they would prefer not to be named.  But they know who they are.  They are the persons for whom I am grateful today.

And to them, to my angels, even the reluctant ones, I say — I hope you are not disappointed in me; and that you know how much your faith in me has meant.

One thought on “Grateful for my Angels

  1. Sharon Berg

    What an honour to have shared your struggles and joys of this last year. Your writing has become a type of daily ‘reflection’ for me, as we share much in common – a childhood, and adulthood, spent under medical ‘care’; relationships which the world might not deem ‘successful, but which have born sweet as well as bitter fruit;; a lifelong journey in search of justice, and for the divine within ourselves and others. Your many friends stand as a testament that your life has great worth.
    So may your New Year be blessed with fewer things to complain about – and a clear eye to discern what is worth your time and attention. Carpe Diem in joy and wonder!


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