Give as good as you get

Yesterday I had to deal with Bank of America employees at the start of my day and Verizon Wireless employees at the end of my day.

At the B of A, three people actually managed to curl their lips at me (I have read about this in bad novels; it’s actually physically possible).  Mind you:  I had come to get a replacement debit card because mine had been hacked.  I was not overdrawn nor had I done anything “wrong”.  I needed help.  I had already gone through the fraud folks and now I was coming, at the direction of the fraud unit, to get a temporary card.  But the B of A folks made me repeat my story three times, butchered my name, required me to stand while I waited for Guy Number Two to finish gabbing with his colleagues, and generally acted as though I had majorly inconvenienced them.

At the Verizon store, a tall, blonde young man patiently waited while I strove to find the information required to perform the needed task. He quietly explained the process and what he was doing.  He also took the time to analyze my account at my request, to see if my plan gave me  the best options.  He spoke in quiet, gentle tones, made the process as easy for me as it could be, and engaged me in pleasant conversation while we waited for a couple of system lags to clear.

My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs.  Which place promotes customer service?  At which place would I rather spend my time?  Where did I find it easier not to complain?

The mind boggles.  But wait:  We get as good as we give.  It’s infinitely easier to smile at those who strive to treat us well.  I tried with the B of A folks; I really did.  Halfway through, I felt resentment rising within me.  Did I not deserve at least common decency?  Their attitude and rhetoric suggested otherwise.  At Verizon, though, decency was the mindset of the day.  Far different attitude.

I’m taking these lessons into my heart and learning what I can from them.  You can teach an old dog new tricks.  I’m proof of that.



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