Follow the clickable road

In the animated feature “James and the Giant Peach”, one scene depicts James and other adventurers on a long stream, twisting and turning in the atmosphere.  I can’t recall of what — a river of peach, possibly?  The fence?  The image stayed with me, and seems to flicker in and out of my consciousness.  Like Dorothy’s yellow-brick road, the path that James followed parallels my own.  I ride my small boat down a river wandering to who-knows-where.  I tread an old street taking me to who-knows-what.  The cobblestones fall away behind me; the river disappears within the icy reaches of cloudless sky through which I pass.

I spent a half-hour unsubscribing from all the Kansas City vendors and politicians yesterday.  I’m following a clickable road to my future.  At the same time, I traded barbs with opposing counsel in one of my remaining private cases, a sure sign that the lawyers want to settle.  Posturing precedes negotiations.  I sent a draft stipulation at about nine o’clock and closed my computer, waiting for tomorrow, pencil poised to place a check by another Missouri obligation resolved.  I’ll try the case on April 10th, settled or not, and walk away, hoping for the best, heading for the west.

Another click closer to turning an imagined future into a resolute present.  Don’t look back.  Have you started your #journeytojoy yet?

It’s the twenty-ninth day of the fifty-first month in My [Never-ending] Year [Trying to Navigate] Without Complaining.  Life continues.

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