Five months down

I’ve nearly completed five months of my second year trying to live “complaint-free”.  I cannot say that this year has been a rousing success.  In fact, I seem to be losing ground.  If this were AA, I would not be getting a token.  But I’m still plugging away.  My eyes open wide and I leave every encounter asking myself if I have given joy to the person at the receiving end.  Often the answer rings out clear: Yes.  Sometimes, though, I have to admit that I have not — that I need a refresher course in non-violent communication.  I go back and play the videos of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg (free on you-tube) and contrast what he describes with what I have put forth.  I learn.  I strive.  Five months down; and I’m still putting my best foot forward.  I count that as a partial victory, and leave myself in play.

One thought on “Five months down

  1. Cindy Cieplik

    “Awareness allows us to get out of our mind and observe it in action.” Dan Brule
    Keep knockin’ Corinne! You are very much in play!


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