Ever hopeful

Some people simply refuse to abandon hope. I have always striven to be one of those people despite the immeasurable examples I have encountered that would otherwise have convinced me that hope had died. Last week, I experienced one small — in fact, tiny — example of the possibility that positivity will be rewarded.

When I went tiny, I downsized 1252 square feet into 200 square feet. In doing that, one of the categories of belongings which needed substantial editing could be found in my 12 x 20 walk-in converted attic closet. I downsized from 12 ft of hanging clothing, and a 4-drawer dresser, to 21 inches of hanging clothing and a small wicker cabinet in which I store my delicates and socks.

Ah, socks.

For the last 10 months, I have been jealously guarding a single, unmatched sock. It was one of a pair which I enjoyed wearing because it was soft, fit well, and looked good with a variety of leggings. Anyone who knows me will recall that my standard outfit for the last 4 years has been dresses and leggings. Year-round: spring, summer, winter, fall. I wear lightweight leggings and cotton dresses in warm weather. I wear knit dresses with heavyweight leggings in cold weather. But whatever the weather, nothing completes my standard uniform like a cute, comfortable pair of socks.

When I returned to Kansas City last week, I took possession of a number of things which friends had stored for me. Among those things I found a single, unmatched shoe, one of a pair that I often wore. I lamented the loss of its counterpart. However, I rejoiced when I saw tucked in that shoe the matching sock to the single, lonely little sock which I have kept in a drawer in California since I moved.

If these two sole-mates can be reunited, hope endures. In fact, hope might even float.

It’s the 22nd day of the 58th month of My Year Without Complaining. Life continues.

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