The unexpected gift of downtime provides a chance to clean out my internal temporary files and cluttered subdirectories.  With endless coffee and a nearby outlet, I watch the comings and goings while answering email, updating my webpage, and idly cogitating on the glories and goofs of being the child formerly known as Mary.

I like this place.  No one knows where I am except my lunch appointment, though one other person can determine based on our shared familiarity.  I trust them both to keep my secret.  Shhhh!  If you guess, don’t breathe a word!

I’ve seen one or two people whom I recognize but they did not see me sitting at the table tucked in the corner by the window.  They walked on by.  I remain anonymous, and the rest of the place continues blissfully ignorant of my existence.  My Lenovo doesn’t like their Wi-Fi so I’m burning up data from my Verizon hotspot, but once in a while, I log off and switch to the airwaves just to make sure that I don’t go over my allotment.

My old escape-place closed a couple of years ago, and I haven’t really found another one.  I wouldn’t be here but for circumstances which brought me out of my normal orbit.  But this venue gives me what I need:  silence and coffee; internet (albeit inadequate) and electricity.

I’m rejuvenating.  My batteries recharge when I retreat like this.  I don’t forget my failings, but I forgive them.

It’s the twentieth day of the twenty-eighth month of My Year Without Complaining.  The wild ride that is my life continues.



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