#DeltaLife, Winter version

The original parking reservation for my tiny house was in an RV park north of San Francisco in the Santa Rosa region.  Sadly, that site burned in the fires of September 2017.  Anxious, worried, expecting my house to be delivered by the first of November, I went in search of an alternate spot.  One contact told me about the place where I eventually landed.  

“It’s in the Delta,” he explained. 

“The Delta?” I asked, clearly confused.  “I thought that was in Mississippi.”  He laughed.

My GPS lady guided me from my hotel on the coast forty miles east and over the Antioch Bridge.  A vast, beautiful scene unfolded.  Born and raised in St. Louis, I raised my son in Kansas City — both river towns.  My heart fluttered as I descended from the long expanse of the bridge into the Delta proper.  The Sacramento stretched inland and eventually, I would learn, met the San Joaquin and the Molekumne.  A vast waterway teeming with life curled around lush lands forming the islands of the California Delta.  I felt as though I had come home to the smell of rich soil and verdant vegetation, with towering willows and endless rows of vines heavy with autumn fruit.

Whether a flock of snow geese in a field of fog on a December morning or red-tailed hawks on a high wire, the birds of the Delta fascinate me.  Please enjoy these humble shots.  Bear in mind that the grey you see is not a broken lens but low-lying mist.  I saw the egrets in a field along HIghway 12.  The sight of these majestic birds unconcerned about the digger just feet from where they gathered astonished me. I sat on the shoulder snapping through my window.  Talk about “reclaiming my time”!

I took these photos on auto with my little basic Canon, en route to work, which is to say, between my home on the Delta Loop and Rio Vista across the river in Solano County.  This Missouri expat cannot get enough of the #deltalife.

It’s the thirtieth day of the eighty-fourth month of My Year Without Complaining.  Life continues.

Hover over the individual photos to see my captions.  There are 17 photos in the slideshow.  Enjoy.

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