By the sea

My path to joy takes me to the ocean as frequently as humanly possible.  This weekend, I wanted to say “bon voyage” to a dear soul.  So I headed west, then south on Highway 1 through a late spring shower.  

The rain pelted me as I staggered into the hostel, where a warm smile and a ready bed awaited.  This morning, I rose at 5:30 to watch thunder and lightening dance above the ocean.  Light glimmers in the distance, high, a mere promise that the sun still shines.  I’ve had breakfast and a long conversation about the interstate highway system with a software engineer from Reno.  We even got busted for talking too loud before seven. 

It’s all good.

Yesterday, I tarried at Pescadero State Beach to watch the seabirds gather ahead of the storm.  I took a few photos with my little Canon.  Please enjoy.

It’s the nineteenth day of the sixty-fifth month of My [Endless[ Year [Striving to Live] Without Complaining.  HI Pigeon Point Hostel, Pescadero, California.

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